Sunday, July 15, 2007

Charmed - Season 9

Season 9


Shannen Doherty
Holly Marie Combs
Alyssa Milano
Rose McGowan
with Sarah Michelle Gellar as 'Paula'

Brian Krause
Kaley Cuoco (Episode 1 - 6, 15 - 22)
Marnette Patterson (Episode 7 - 14)

The complete episodes :
9.01 - New Future Begins
Billie and Leo in the future time decide to turn back the time [to the end of Eighth Season] to once again, fight the evils that return back for destroying The Charmed Sisters. But this time, they meet an unexpected witch, Paula. She is also a daughter from Patty, whom had other relationship with an Avatar, Jack Benson in the past times. Secretly, she wants to revive Prue, and reunite The Power of Five that has never been created before. Piper and Paige believe her as their sister, while Phoebe doesn't. How will Paula convince Phoebe before The Darks comes out and destroy them?

9.02 - The Power Of ... Five?
Piper and Paige are in serious condition to find out about Kirk, while Paula is in her first secret project - Reviving Prue. After reviving Prue, Paula hides her in the safest place, before Prue return to her finest condition. The Sisters continue fighting the first member of The Darks, Dash [The Speedy Demon] who wants to defeat themselves. While Phoebe still won't trust Paula because of her truly presence as another Halliwell sisters, Leo must be the first victim. When will Phoebe trust Paula?

9.03 - End Of Three
Paula has no other way to convince Phoebe that she is also a Halliwell. Prue has gone fine and ready to return as a Halliwell witch. She arrives to Manor and shocks the whole Manor for her returning alive again. Leo still in the critical condition and Billie must help him before he dies. While The Sisters must face another big problem : The lost of Triquetra and The Power of Three. The second member of The Darks, Redondo has sent to kill The Sisters. Will Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Paula manage to defeat Redondo on their own, without the Help of The Book Of Shadow and The Power Of Three anymore?

9.04 - Something Wicca This Way Vanishes...?
Another Halliwell sister is going to be killed by Redondo. Leo is also unable to be saved and gets killed. Billie is the next victim of Redondo and The Sisters has no more power, since Triquetra has gone and the Book of Shadow is unable to be opened and used. Prue then starts casting the new Incantation of The Power Of Five with Piper, Paige, Phoebe and Paula to stop the next disaster. But it's all too late...

9.05 - All Demon Breaks Loose
All Sisters is defeated along with Billie's death. Paula and her capability to revive the dead, tries to revive Billie - the only witch whom still has her witchness powers - but it's all failed. Prue and Piper summon Patty and Grams, while Phoebe and Paige is fighting against Redondo and Sheena [The Third demon from The Darks] without their powers, but with the help of their trust and faith that evil will always be defeated. How will they survive against their coming destiny - to die in the hands of evils?

9.06 - Five Witches and A Funeral
After succeed killing Redondo and Sheena and All Sisters have created The Power of Five, they must still choose a choice from The Angel of Death : Revive Leo or Billie? If they choose Leo, Billie will never able to be revived by Paula until the estimated time. But if they choose Billie, The Sisters including Piper will never see Leo anymore for the rest of their lives, but All The Sisters will have their powers stronger. Which choice will they choose?

9.07 - Something Wicked This Way Returns!
The Sisters now must live together without Billie, since they have picked the choice of Leo to be revived by Paula. Leo has been revived, but he's powerless to fight against evils. While the Leader of The Darks, Dark Lord has found Christy's soul, and intend to resurrect her, and persuade her to have revenge to The Charmed Ones because they didn't save Billie. Christy is revived and given more demonic powers than The Sisters could imagine. How will All Five Sisters fight against evil Christy while their Power Of Five haven't fully restored yet?

9.08 - Wicked Fences
Having been defeated by Christy, Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Paula now are sent to The Dark Hole, where they can't escape alive. Leo, the only one who can be counted on, searching for more help, before Christy finds and kills him. He asked to The Elders, but it's rejected, so with The Avatars are unable to be contacted. While Christy has ready to kill all Halliwell Sisters in her own hands, and exchange her lives with Billie's. Will The Sisters keep alive until Leo brings help from somewhere else?

9.09 - Death Takes Halliwells... Again
Unlucky for the Sisters, they must face another terrible moment : losing Paula. Christy manages to kill her, because she knows that she is the only sister that can resurrect another sisters when they die. Now, there's nobody who can revive her, unless The Angel Of Death. While Leo succeed to summon Grams and Patty, to help him find the way out from The Dark Hole. They succeed, though they still lost Paula. The only way now is to stop Christy before she kills another sisters or Leo. But, The Sisters must also lost Phoebe in the way to defeat Christy. Will Prue, Piper and Paige return The Power Of Three instead of Five Sisters' Powers?

9.10 - Godesses Strike Back
Luckily, Chris come back from the future, and he gives back all The Titans Godesses Powers to Prue, Piper and Paige, but only for one chance. While Leo keep contacting The Avatars to revive Paula and then Paula can revive Phoebe. Now, The Charmed Ones has become stronger, but can they vanquish the evil side of Christy and then revive their lost sisters?

9.11 - Phoebe Calling
Prue, Piper and Paige try to kill Christy on their own without The Power Of The Titan Godesses, but it's not so easy. Christy with demons from The Darks grow stronger than ever. The Charmed Ones need Paula and Phoebe back to complete The Power Of Five. Leo finally gets a useful help from The Avatars, to revive Paula. Paula is revived, while Leo asks for more help to Them, to revive Billie. But they reject his favor. They said that Billie will be revived, soon after Christy gets vanquished. Paula then tries to resurrect Phoebe, but it is seemed that Phoebe unable to be revived. Apparently they find out that Phoebe meets with Cole in her death. Will Phoebe return alive again and back to The Sisters to kill Christy?

9.12 - Still Not Getting Any... Way Outs
Christy is hard to defeat. In fact, too hard. Even though Phoebe has been resurrected and The Power Of Five has respoken, their powers still too weak to vanquish Christy. While Leo is protecting and taking care of the children and The Magic School from Christy's destructive plans. Patty and Grams search the way out to solve this problem, but they can't find at any of them. Christy, along with Nate and Tane [the twin demons from The Darks] make some plans to settle down The Sisters' protection. Will they succeed to do their wicked plans and make The Sisters running out of their chances to survive?

9.13 - Proud To Be Prue
Prue still remember that she once had a boyfriend, a wizard, but they have never met anymore. They have lost contact each other. But luckily, with the useful help from Phoebe's Premonition, Prue manages to found him. Tucker, the wizard, has a quite destructive power that maybe, can defeat Christy and the demons from The Darks. But, eventually, he rejects Prue's asking for help, since Prue dumped him in the past time. Will Tucker help Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Paula so they can win the life-and-death battle against Christy?

9.14 - Something Wicked This Way Goes...
The Sisters, Leo and Tucker manage to defeat demons sent by Dark Lord. But the struggle hasn't finished yet. The Darks still have Amadeo, a demon who can erase somebody's memories. Amadeo succeed to erase Tucker's memories, and turns him evil. Now, Tucker is fighting against The Sisters, but also to Christy. It ends to the death of Christy and Tucker himself. While Prue is in grief for Tucker gets killed by Christy, The Sisters now must kill Amadeo.

9.15 - Billie, Billie, Billie
After the death of Christy and Tucker, The Angel Of Death decides to return Billie to The Sisters. Billie gets revived, and everything gets normal again, except The Darks' demons are still luring everywhere to kill The Sisters. But, something surprises them. Since Billie was died for more than 3 days, she loses all of her powers as witch. How will Billie continue fighting demons without her powers?

9.16 - Sons Of The Witch
Chris and Wyatt together help The Sisters to vanquish the non-stop coming demons from The Darks, even though they are still little boys. Piper and Leo try to stop them using magic, so they won't be in danger, but the kids resist that. While Billie is trying to get her powers back and Paige meets her new charge, Denise, Phoebe is trying to solve the mystery of The Darks at the library in Magic School. Dark Lord has sent another demon, Kirk and his crew to settle down The Sisters' protection again.

9. 17 - These Witches
The Halliwell Sisters -Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Paula- are together combining their powers, creating a new type of power, Pentagram. This power can destroy The Darks' guardians and then they fight against the demons in The Underworld. They want to vanquish Dark Lord as soon as possible, but he's still too powerful to defeat, and he is disappear to somewhere else. Leo is asking The Elders whether Billie can have any of Whitelighter's powers, since she had died (and then revived). But they give no answer, no 'No' and no 'Yes'. It confuses Leo and Billie herself. Coop returns from his 'Love Trip' with Henry as his partner.

9.18 - Power Of Five Men
Covens of brothers from Dawson family -Tanner, Tucker, Trevor, Ted and Tommy Dawson- are powerful wizards next to The Halliwell Sisters. They intended to help The Sisters to destroy The Darks forever, since their parents were killed by them years ago. But, all of them are kidnapped one by one by The Darks, because they have another plans to defeat The Charmed Ones - steal their identities and enter The Charmed Manor and explode them. Billie gets her chance as witch back, her powers are given back by The Angel Of Death. This helps her to join The Sisters, while Henry and Coop are the ones to resurrect P3 on their own.

9.19 - Halliwell vs. Dawson
The Sisters and Billie lose their chance to prevent The Darks' plans to steal The Dawson Brothers' identities, but they still have a chance to survive. They once again use the Astral Projection power to give a counter attack to The Darks, but, they will need an extra help to do this. They finally make a decision -keep holding on with their powers and plans, but they must lose their Manor. However, Leo still have a side plan for something worst might be happened to all of them and Henry and Coop succeed with their New P3.

9.20 - Never Been Killed
P3 finally resurrected, but Henry and Coop are planning for a performance from a band in 'P3 Returns' eve. They have no idea of who will perform on the event, while in the other side, The Sisters finally kill almost all of the demons from The Darks. They only have one more enemy, Dark Lord. But, vanquishing him needs an extra brain and a bravery. The Dawson Brothers agree on helping The Charmed Ones to vanquish Dark Lord. Another group of demon -not from The Darks- hunt The Sisters by first eliminating The Sisters' P3. They are disguising as Romeo, a band who want to perform at P3.

9.21 - Survival Of The Demon
The Charmed Ones are succeed in vanquishing Dark Lord and sealing him up forever, but then The Dawson Brothers leave them with no goodbyes after the battle. Henry and Coop are recruiting a new crew for P3, Amanda, who is actually Paige's charge. Romeo -aliased the demonic group band- know that and then they want to throw her out from P3, so their plan rolls well, but it is soon revealed by Coop. Coop tells The Sisters and then they vanquish the demons. While Billie and Leo suspect one of the student, Brandon, from Magic School who seems have something related to Dark Lord.

9.22 - Something Wicca This Way Ends... - Season Finale
Brandon is actually Dark Lord’s grandchild, who also owns the same powers like him. He will rule the world after the death of Dark Lord, as said on the prophecy. Piper thanks Henry and Coop for their good work on The New P3 -even though then she renames it with P5- and Leo becomes a headmaster of Magic School with Billie as one of the teacher. Paula moves out to Texas to continue her college, Phoebe finds a job in Bay Mirror as a psychic and Paige married with Henry. This time, The Charmed Ones strip out their powers for good, so they can live their lives with no demon. But, something unexpected happened with Prue...

This is a fan-fiction that I've made these days, the continue of fabulous and witchy WB's "Charmed" in the season 9